Sunday, 1 January 2017

Speedo Kids Swimwear Review

Sunshine, hot weather, sand, beach, swimming, tanning, BBQs and family time is calling at our doorstep as we move into the beloved summer days. 

With summer days comes the essentials and having the correct bathing clothes are key. 
Speedo fall nothing short of being right on point. 
For us quality is always most important, you want to know that when you pay for something you are getting quality to last its time. 

When in the water there is nothing worse than having swimwear that sags and ways you down, something that we noticed with the Speedo range was that they stayed tight to the elasticity areas without any saggy parts and needing a ring out to get rid of excess water. 
When you feel the material of the Speedo you notice difference, their durable tough but also soft and comfortable on the skin. 
You know how on some written print clothing pieces when you stretch them you can straight away see the cracking of the letters - well I pulled and pulled at the Speedo top and nothing moved, no cracking what so ever. 

As well as the one piece bather suit Niah was also gifted the short sleeve rash top in which came down to the elbows and half way up her neck covering a good amount of skin from the rays. 
The patterns and styles that Speedo comes in for toddlers are cute and stylish with light colours for the kids and cursive cute text to follow. After getting the cute bathers from Speedo we went and checked out the other patterns and styles they had online, that was dangerous as they have soooo many cute colours, styles and patterns to choose from for the little ones and we ended up starting a list of what to get next.

You know how bathers can be all distorted and smelly after visiting the local pools? Well generally we try not to visit them because of the chlorine stench but the chlorine held up really well and didn’t affect the colors or written print at all on the Speedos.

Post swim use they were super easy to clean through a machine wash; stripping them of the chlorine smell and then they dried super-fast that you could almost go again within an hour of line dry time. 

Something that really sold me on the Speedos was that they put an extra strip of material over the zipper part of the material so that the kids aren't having the bare rough zipper rub up on their skin or catching in skin and snagging them. It's really the little things that win you over and in this moment, Speedo definitely has done that. 

I didn't see the big deal about Speedo as a brand before testing them out with Babyology and I can't thank them enough for introducing me to the brand because I don't think I could look elsewhere for quality to compare now. 
We couldn’t compare these to anything higher as Speedo definitely was the highest for quality, comfort and design.

Speedo’s just work and fall nothing short of what they say they will do.

Read more of the review over at the Babyology website.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Babyology and Speedo Australia. I received the above pictured Speedo bathers as above mentioned in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Santa's Break-Down Under + GIVEAWAY

Christmas is a special time for sharing moments with family, friends and those nearest and dearest.
Trucked Up Entertainment are hosting a special Christmas circus: Santa's Break-Down Under in Melbourne where you will see Christmas in a complete new way through a thrilling family circus show with acrobats, aerialists, a crane truck and blast of fire and ice.

Santa will be there in his cork-string hat and a pair of things getting into the down under Aussie theme.

Santa's Break-Down Under will be showing at Coburg Velodrome.
Friday to Sunday 9th - 11th and 16th-18th of December, 2016.
Doors will open from 5pm for a show at 6pm-8pm.

Ticket prices:
Family pass (2 adults + 2 children) $100
Adult $35
Child $25 (3-12 years)

NJT Blogger has teamed up with Trucked Up Entertainment to giveaway a family pass valued at $100 to a lucky reader to head out to a show of their choosing to see Santa's Break-Down Under for themselves. 

Giveaway ends: Monday 5th December, 2016 at midnight. 
Winner drawn: Tuesday 6th December, 2016. 
Winner will be contacted via email and have 24hrs to contact back otherwise redraw will occur.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Trucked Up Entertainment. I was invited along to the above mentioned event and provided with giveaway pass to run through the blog. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Santa's Magical Kingdom Preview + GIVEAWAY

November has arrived so we can move past the Spring Carnival and jump straight into Christmas chatter right? I can't believe we are at another year end and the jolly man himself Santa will be visiting us again, it just feels like last week I was up until the early am's putting together Niah's Christmas presents.

Recently we headed out to a morning tea preview for Santa's Magical Kingdom with the Snow Queen who read stories about Christmas and filled us in on all the magic that was to be happening shortly.
Niah was able to get into the festive spirit by doing Christmas crafting activities and share some morning tea with the other children in attendance.

Santa's Magical Kingdom is an annual event held and been running for the past 4 years successfully, where the beloved Silvers Circus put on their Christmas cheer and make Christmas special with their Circus.
Each year I have attended I have never been dissapointed, the atmosphere and the time shared celebrating the near coming occassion makes it an enjoyable time.

There is always many, many things for the family to take part in when it comes to Santa's Magical Kingdom, which include:

•   A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland
•   Snowland and meet the Snow Queen
•   A free gift, when you meet Santa
•   A brand new International Christmas  Show Spectacular
•   Roving Christmas characters
•   Christmas Craft Village where you can make your own Christmas tree decoration 
•   Gingerbread Land, where you can decorate your own gingerbread man
•   Interactive Letter Writing area and Storytelling area with Mrs Claus
•   Amusement Rides & Games, including Santa’s Sleigh Ride, the Giant Ferris Wheel, one of
the Largest Super Slide’s in the country, The Elves Magical Train Ride and more. 
•   There’s so much  fun for the whole family

This year you can join in on something new by helping to celebrate Rudolph's Birthday!
Rudolph will be celebrating his birthday at Santa’s Magical Kingdom.
Rudolph will be joined by Mrs Claus, the Snow Queen, as well as Trolls: Poppy and Branch to celebrate his birthday. Every child will receive a special gift.
All activities are inclusive with your Santa’s Magical Kingdom Ticket.
Rudolph’s Birthday will be celebrated on specific dates during the season, please check the website for dates.

Santa's Magical Kingdom is running from 18th November until 23rd December.
Tickets are available to purchase now OR you can enter my GIVEAWAY and win yourself a family pass!!

Santa's Magical Kingdom have kindly gifted one lucky reader a family pass valued at $140.
Session up for grabs:
Friday 25th November at 6pm in Melbourne. 
To enter to win, please fill in the form below. 

 Giveaway ends: Saturday 19th November at midnight.
Winners will be drawn: Monday 21st November, 2016.
Winner will have 24hrs to contact back otherwise redraw will occur.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

LUSH Halloween Collection 2016

I really love Halloween but it's just a shame we don't make as big as an event of it over in Australia as they do overseas. One of the bucket list items is to be overseas in America during the time of Halloween so I can see just how they do it.

Niah also adores Halloween and says it really cutely 'Hallowin' that just melts my heart. Halloween is becoming bigger now in Aus now thankfully and they even make celebration decorations at Niah's daycare and are having a dress up day on Monday in which Niah tells me she will be a 'witch'.
Last year she went as Pinocchio which was really adorable.

One of the ways we get into the Halloween spirit is by LUSH cosmetics with their special occasion releases, in which one of them is for the month of October.
Each year they will bring back some favs but also get creative and add in some newbie limited edition items to keep us on our toes.

LUSH Cosmetics kindly gifted us with some of the 2016 range which is featured below.

Monsters' Ball
This reminds me a bit of Monsters Inc - a super pink, purple and blue ball with a single eye.
A scent of neroli oils and lime to put some gorgeous color along with relaxing aromas into bath time.

Lord of Misrule Ball
A standout spicy herbal scent that gets you right on the nose with that mix. This one is a favourite of many LUSH lovers which comes out at Christmas time also.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
The same scent in what we see come out each year for Christmas in it's luscious dark green cream that leaves you smelly as gorgeous as Christmas can be.

Sparkly Pumpkin
A glitter filled bubble bath is what you will gain from this pumpkin.  Lightly scented with orange, blackcurrant and limes this one is a must have this Halloween.

Magic Wand
A new large round soap that has sweet fruity scents of tangerine and orange oils.
Colours of black and orange to fit the Halloween profile perfectly.

Goth Fairy
A shimmer bar that rubs over your skin providing nourishment as well as the fairy leaving behind shimmer and sparkles on your skin. This is a favourite this year for Niah as she loves fairies and of course what 3 year old doesn't like sparkles?

A more Christmas feeling to this soap with the scents of roasted chestnuts. The colours of this soap is what gets me the perfect yellow, orange and red to make a real fire icon look to it.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with LUSH. I received the above pictured items with no expectation for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Swisse Kids Vitamins Review + GIVEAWAY

Health is an important thing within our household, both Dan & I care have health focused minds (well majority of the time when it's not cheat meals). About six (6) years ago I started taking supplements, vitamins etc all of that jazz because I started to learn more about your bodies needs, the health system and what each amino acid within vitamins/supplements was used/needed for.

When Niah was about 1.5 - 2 years old we started her on having a vitamin aka 'lolly' daily. I was worried as Niah wasn't a good eater at all; refusing vegetables, meat, fruit and only eating what you would consider to be bad foods. I didn't want her to be missing out on all the vitamins that come from vegetables, meat and fruit so I took a stroll down the vitamins for kids isle at the pharmacies and have made it a ritual daily in Niah's diet to have a vitamin.

We have always used the same brand since day dot simply because I knew it was something Niah liked and I didn't want to change it up but we have been put to the test with Miss Niah as we were kindly gifted the Swisse Kids range to try out.

Swisse Kids have recently launched five (5) vitamins underneath their belt to aid with many things that may lack in our babies diets. At current what we use is just a multi vitamin to help aid with all the goodness Niah lacks within her fussy eating diet.

The first one in the range we had to try was the Kids Multi vitamin in which is a different form of vitamin in comparison to what Niah is used to so it took a little while to get used to as she had always had the squishy chew tablet rather than the hard form lolly like Swisse. The flavour was fine being natural berry and Niah didn't screw her nose up at it so that was a plus.

Swisse Kids Vitamin C + Zinc and Probiotic are the other hard form lolly vitamins through the range where you'll get soft liquid vitamins through the Swisse Kids Fish Oil and Calcium + D3.

The liquid ones are the ones Niah struggled with to begin with as she would chew and then get a shock when the vitamin would burst and release the inner liquid.

The Fish Oil one isn't as bad as an adults one I say, although it does smell like sushi which would be expected.

Each pack contains 50 chewable sugar-free vitamins, that contain nothing at all that will have allergies playing up and can be found for purchasing at pharmacies for $24.99 RRP each.

Swisse Kids have kindly also gifted x2 prize packs valued at $100 each containing all x4 products as featured above to try out the vitamins yourself. 
To enter to win, please fill in the form below. 

 Giveaway ends: Monday 10th October at midnight.
Winners will be drawn: 11th October, 2016.
Winner will have 24hrs to contact back otherwise redraw will occur.


Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Swisse Kids.  I received the above pictured vitamins as above mentioned in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.
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